Welcome to the home page for the Senoia Tea Party Patriots. We are a grassroot organization that believes in a Constitutionally Limited Government, Fiscal Responsibility, and Free Markets. We recognize the strengths of grassroots organizations that are driven by peaceful activism and civic responsibility.

If your interested in meeting and getting to know others from Senoia who share common interest in returning our country to the Constitutional Government that our Founding Fathers established over 200 years ago, then you may want to join our Senoia Tea Party Patriots group. We have monthly meetings to help educate our members on current local, state and national events. There are no monthly dues and no obligation.

We are a nonpartisan group, so it does not matter what your political preference is; Democratic, Independent, Libertarian or Republican, we all need to stand together for our common beliefs and values. For more information on our mission and goals, please go to "Our Mission" tab in the upper righthand corner.

To find out, where and when our next meeting will be, go to the "Events" tab in the upper righthand corner.